We make daily visits to cats in their own homes to save them the trip to the cattery. Cats feel most at ease in their own familiar surroundings and as long as their food is available as normal and their litter tray is cleaned regularly they are a lot less stressed than if they are transplanted temporarily into a new environment.

Our visits last 30 minutes and incorporate taking in mail, opening/closing blinds, washing bowls and mats, refreshing water and food bowls, cleaning and refreshing litter trays, watering plants, feeding fish, caring for other small pets in the home (ie: rabbits, chickens, guineapigs, hamsters, lizards etc), administering medication (including pills and injections if required), taking out bins, cat grooming as necessary and TLC to include games, cuddles and love.

Candyfloss Cats is open 365 days a year/7 days a week. All visits are monitored by the management for your peace of mind.

We have a team of fully trained and experienced cat concierges, all of whom have an up to date disclosure with Disclosure Scotland. We are insured through Petplan Santuary and are all trained in cat first aid.



December 24th: double time

December 25th: double time and no PM bookings slots available.

December 26th: double time

December 31st: double time

January 1st: double time

January 2nd: double time